Guide to Gym Etiquette

As we say goodbye to a not so pleasant 2020 and prepare for a happy New Year in 2021, we begin to start planning our somewhat obligatory New Year’s resolutions

BY Dave Millward
January 6th, 2021
Guide to Gym Etiquette

The new year brings a sense of starting over and for many this will be a new gym membership, or a new health and fitness regime to lose those extra pounds gained during the festive period. Gyms will get busier as users try and off-set the consequence of over-indulgence caused by Santa and his little helpers.

In this blog, we will outline rules (some unwritten) that gym goers should respect for a safe, more productive, and more pleasant workout environment.

Rule #1 During these challenging time of the pandemic, personal hygiene is more important than ever. In 2020, there were plenty of TV and radio broadcasts on how to wash your hands because, apparently, we were not doing it properly or regularly enough. Please sanitize and wash your hands regularly at the gym.

Rule #2 (Unwritten) Instructors are not keen to have that awkward conversation with users regarding the smell of their own body odour, so please arrive in clean gym clothing that is suitable for exercise. Please deodorize before you arrive. Now we got that one out the way, lets move on the next one quickly……..

Rule #3 If you are strong enough to lift it, you are strong enough to put it away (Simple!!!!).

Rule #4 This rule is true for anytime, especially in the current climate. People don’t like using pieces of equipment immersed in others sweat. Do not leave you sweat behind, clean your mats and equipment after every use. If you create a swimming pool on the floor, or a puddle on a treadmill belts or beneath the spin bike, please clean it away. You might even develop some great triceps wiping up, give it a go.

Rule #4 Unless your fitness goal is to build bigger thumbs and fingers, then please spend minimal time on your mobile devices. This will help you focus more on your workout and will not upset the person waiting for the piece equipment you are spending most your time swiping left and right on.

Rule #5 (Unwritten) The gym should not sound like a Wimbledon final between Serena and Venus. Grunting loudly will not make you friends in the gym, especially if you are bellowing out while lifting a pair of 1kg dumbbells. Granted - this cannot be helped when lifting heavy weights, even so please be considerate of others.

Rule #6 No-one appreciates the sound of heavy weight crashing on the floor. Although we all know it is almost impossible to do it quietly, creating an earthquake after every deadlift is not necessary.

Rule #7 If you have recently ran cross-country on a rainy day, or like Peppa Pig and the Victor of Dibley, enjoy jumping in muddy puddles, then wear some other trainers to the gym.

The most important rule of them all is Rule #8. Be safe at the gym. If you are unsure about what the "scary machines" do, please ask a member of the team who are always happy to help. Be aware of your surroundings and let us work together to build an environment that is safe and enjoyable to workout in.

So, there you have it, I’m sure there are plenty of other rules to consider. If you feel something is missing here, please let me know and maybe, we will make a guide to Gym Etiquette Part 2.

The team at Oundle Fitness wish everyone a Happy New Year